It started with a question about a future City Hall.

The City of Covington, Kentucky, with funding from the Haile and Durr Foundations, assembled a Task Force to deliver a principled vision of a future Covington city hall as its center of public life and government. The vision will conduct widespread engagement into the ways citizens of Covington are engaged in public life and how they connect to the administration of the City’s governmental functions. Based on the intelligence gathered, the Task Force will deliver a philosophical vision that will shape future funding, decision making, detailed needs assessments, site selection, and architectural design of a future City Hall and the City’s public spaces.

What are we looking at?

The focus of this work is on the people of Covington’s relationship to and active engagement in city public life and government. It will seek to understand:

  1. How Covington interacts as a community at both local and city-wide levels;

  2. How and where Covington participates in public life, shared causes and civic debate;

  3. Common storylines, values and community or cultural sensibilities that celebrate Covington’s history and aspirations for the future;

  4. How Covington connects to and engages with City decision making, leadership, administrative functions; and

  5. What this all tells us about future public spaces and City Hall

What are we creating?

The end product is a vision document that outlines principles for public space(s) and building(s) to guide future decision making. It is not intended to be a detailed needs assessment or building proposal for City administrative functions but, rather, a philosophical depiction of how and where Covington interfaces with each other and its government.

How are we doing it?

The visioning process is being led by a Task Force comprised of representative stakeholders and City liaisons. The Task Force will help lead and coordinate a multi-faceted education, outreach, and engagement effort to reach a broad cross section of the public. After an approximately six-month process, the Task Force will present to City Commissioners the proposed vision. The urban growth firm YARD & Company has been engaged with non-profit funding to facilitate the process.

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